If you are a registered member of WGPO (Word Game Players' Organization), http://wordgameplayers.org, you can download a PDF of all the lexicons listed below free of charge. The files are large, it is not always accepted for ordinary download.  I can send it to you via WeTransfer or Dropbox, but this means you have to make sure you download it upon receipt, because it has a time limit to stay downloadable. Send your request stating your full name, current mailing address, and phone number to: maliha@wordjudgeusa.com.

  • WORD JUDGE FOR CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS, The Official WGPO Word List for Word Game Players in North America Including Super-S Club Play.  For the players' convenience, Appendix A is added, which lists all the new words that are playable effective April 2015.  (For PDF downloadable, send your request stating your full name, current mailing address, and phone number to: maliha@wordjudgeusa.com.)

  • WORD JUDGE GLOBAL FOR CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS, The Complete International Word List for the World English Crossword Game Players Including Super-S Club Play.  (PDF downloadable is available in the Fall 2015.  Visit http://wordjudgeglobal.com.)

  • THE PLANT KINGDOM WORD LIST, Botanical and Horticultural Words Acceptable in Crossword Games and Superscrabble Club Play." (Free PDF is available.  This revised PDF version will be ready by end of Summer 2015; however the hard copy will remain the same.  Those who bought the book may request a list of the additional words that were    added in the PDF file.  The list will be mailed to you by sending your request to maliha.mendoza@gmail.com.

All books above are available at Amazon.com, authorhouse.com, and book retailers.   At book retailers, if they are not displayed in the bookshelf, you can order it at their book counter.  After downloading a PDF, open the file and save it in your personal document folder.  For iPad or iPhone, open it in your ibooks library.