Book Reviews

“WORD JUDGE USA, The Complete American English Word List for Popular Word Games Approved by WGPO (Word Game Players' Organization)," presents a challenge to each of us to build our personal word knowledge. This compilation of words represents several years of Maliha’s journey and dedication to producing this lexicon for herself and for us. Word Judge belongs on every reference shelf.  Ideally, each of us will use this to learn one or more new words every day.” [NOTE:  "Word Judge USA" was revised in 2015 and retitled "Word Judge for Clubs and Tournaments, The Official WGPO Word List for Word Game Players in North America Including Super-S Club Play."  This revised version includes the latest playable words acceptable in clubs and tournaments as of April 2015.]
-Gary Moss, M.A., B.S. Education
-Director of NASPA Scrabble® Club #350 -Educator

WORD JUDGE FOR CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS," The Official WGPO Word List for Word Game Players in North America Including Super-S Club Play" is an indispensable resource for the popular word game of Super Scrabble®.  It provides a complete and accurate adjudication of all words that may fit onto the 21x21 game board, whereas other resources do not authoritatively cover the longer English words.”
-Amnon Meyers, Chief Technology Officer, Text Analysis International, Inc.
-MS Computer Science UC Berkeley
-MS Organic Chemistry UC Berkeley
-BS Biology M.I.T.

The Plant Kingdom Word List is absolutely facinating!  Who could know how expansive the world of botany is? The presentation of words and especially the spelling is not only fun, it is a valuable mind-expanding learning tool. This book gives us insight into a world rarely explored. It enables us, through the spelling of words, and the "hooks" on the front and back of each word the ability to break down into parts, the confluence of understanding origins of botany, but makes the very process fun!  Who knew how expansive the world of botany is?  This is truly a treasure!”
-Pat Reed, Realtor, First Team Real Estate, Inc.
-Founder and CEO, Cottonwood Montessori
-Co-Founder and Vice President, Richard J. Reed, DDS, Inc.
-Realtor, First Team Real Estate Inc.

The Plant Kingdom Word List provides hours of educational entertainment for Scrabble® and nature enthusiasts. Superscrabble Club players can expand their knowledge of botanical language while challenging their competitors with obscure terminology that most are unfamiliar with. The knowledge extends beyond the Scrabble® board and into nature's gardens.”
-Sawssan R. Ahmed, Ph.D.
-Ph.D., Wayne State University
-Assistant Professor, Cal State Univ., Fullerton, CA